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The following are some questions that Cara has received from some of her readers. Enjoy!

Q: There are lots of references to the classics in the Bard books. What's your favorite classic and why?
A: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Many people will argue that there are many more "important" classics out there, but nothing beats Pride and Prejudice for fun, humor, and great insights into dating that actually hold true today. It's the original romantic comedy, and the best, as far as I'm concerned. I never get tired of reading it.
Q: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
A: I've pretty much always known I wanted to be a writer. I've always loved to read, and writing was a natural extension of that. I was such a bookworm as a kid. I think I checked out every book in the library.
Q: Do you keep a diary?
A: When I was younger, I did. But I was never a great diary keeper. I always had good intentions, though. I'd buy a new diary and then I'd write three entries in it, and then I'd forget about it and put it away. I'd come back to it months later, and re-read my entries and think "who IS this shallow, annoying person?" and want to rewrite the whole thing. I think I'm more suited to fiction-writing than memoir-writing. I like to be able to rewrite characters and scenes.
Q: If I want to be a writer, what should I do?
A: Read everything you can get your hands on. Good novels and bad novels can teach you something about tone and voice and pace and plot. The best writers were always readers first. And then, I'd say, practice writing. Start a diary, or write short stories or write for the school newspaper. When I was in high school, I wrote some pretty bad poetry. Whatever medium you choose, it's all a learning experience.
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